For over six years, Global One Transport has been working to solve the coal dust problem. We wanted a solution unlike any other – one that would meet everyone's needs in the industry.

When we revealed our idea to the engineers at the railroads and the mines, they immediately wanted to work with us to get our solution up and running. Working with everyone in the industry, we finally created a universal solution to coal dust that works for customers, mines, railroads and, most importantly, the environment.


Global One Transport, Inc., is a privately held corporation engaged in various transportation business activities. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, Global One Transport, Inc., and its employees have structured numerous full-service and net lease transactions with utility companies, railroads, and coal companies. Global One Transport, Inc. has been successful in this industry by listening to the needs of its customers and developing innovative solutions to meet those needs. CoalCap™ is an extension of that innovation.


Chairman, Founder & Chief Engineer

With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, a master's in Mechanical Engineering from SMU and an MBA from TCU, Darrell Dial joined Freight Masters, a division of Halliburton, in 1972. There he developed a network of private car repair shops with an emphasis on utility coal car maintenance.

Capitalizing on the knowledge and relationships he developed at Freight Masters, Darrell went on to found Dial & Companies in 1980. As a manufacturer representative for fifteen major railcar component manufacturers, he called on major railcar part companies for trucks, wheel sets, draft systems, brake shoes and other high consumption parts.

In the mid 1990s, as railroads and utilities began converting their fleets from steel to aluminum equipment, Darrell began trading capacity of coal trains. He's facilitated large transactions with Burlington Northern and Union Pacific Railroads, as well as major utility companies and continues to help Dial & Companies, Inc., thrive as chairman, president and chief executive officer.


President & CEO

Tim Stanley is co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Global One Transport, Inc., the corporate general partner of CoalCap, LP. Prior to founding Global, Stanley spent 23 years with American Electric Power Company (AEP) where he held various positions in accounting, coal procurement and transportation.

From 1995 until he left the company in 2004, Stanley led the transportation business unit where he was responsible for the management, maintenance, marketing and optimization of the AEP fleet of 8,500 railcars; the railcar maintenance facilities in Alliance, Nebraska, and Metropolis, Illinois; and Cook Coal Terminal, the busiest inland river terminal in the United States. Additionally, Stanley was responsible for the movement of 80 million tons of coal annually to the AEP system plants and for negotiating and managing AEP's portfolio of commercial transportation agreements. Stanley serves on the board of Digital Recognition Network, an asset location and license plate recognition technology company. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and an associate's degree in accounting from Ohio University.


Vice President & COO


Vice President - Business Development